Global Outreach

PDTi’s focus is to reach resource poor and moderate income countries to see how PDTi can meet their public health needs, acknowledging that there will be no public health impact if vaccines are not distributed and are left on the shelf. PDTi is in active discussions with leadership in countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Middle Asia and the Caribbean Islands.

  • United States vaccine laboratory explores establishing its headquarters in Panama Authorities from the Ministry of Health received a visit from representatives of the American company Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment Inc. (PDTi), as they are interested in establishing a headquarters for Latin America in the country. Date: October 28, 2022 Source:   Pharmaceutical companies producing medicines and vaccines are setting their sights on Panama for the installation of their production laboratories. The last company that showed interest in establishing [...]

  • The Robert Redfield Hall, named after Professor Robert Ray Redfield, acknowledges over a decade of contributions to the development of local capacity for public health implementation and research.  Located in Abuja, Nigeria, this hall will be used for local capacity building and training.  This joint purchase between Georgetown Global Health Nigeria (GGHN) and Clinical Care and Clinical Research Nigeria (CCCRN) is a highlight for Dr. Redfield, who has always been a champion of building local capacity in all of [...]