About PDTi

Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment Inc. (PDTi) is a U.S. based global health company specializing in vaccines, diagnostics, antivirals, and other innovative prevention tools for effective distribution in resource poor and moderate income countries. PDTi was co-founded by former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director, Dr. Robert R. Redfield, M.D., and Dr. Yichen Lu, Ph.D. Working together for over 30 years on vaccine development and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment strategies, Dr. Lu and Dr. Redfield have designed PDTi to meet the challenge of providing equitable access to COVID vaccines, in addition to various other existing human and animal vaccines, to people and countries in need around the world using a unique for profit business model that will provide scalability and sustainability.

Our Mission

PDTi’s mission is to create a new for-profit business model that will deliver a scalable, sustainable process to provide, distribute, and administer vaccines to vulnerable populations worldwide. All current vaccine programs are designed for children under the age of five. Our goal is for an expanded population, including adults, to also have a recurrent, reliable way to obtain vaccines so we can continue to shrink the pool of the unvaccinated and determine when boosters are needed. Maintaining viable immunity levels through multiple vaccinations will continue to ward off severe consequences of a myriad of human and animal viruses and keep our global economies open. PDTi is designed to meet this challenge, using a for-profit business model, to bring equitable access of vaccine to a broad population.

Our Approach

PDTi has created the unique “Redfield Model” that offers multiple phases of distribution assistance to help countries achieve a long-term, sustainable, vaccine strategy for current and future viruses. This distribution model can be applied to existing COVID vaccine inventory or newly acquired vaccines for COVID, flu or a myriad of other viruses.