Business Models

Procurement of various human Vaccines, Diagnostic tools, and Biosimilar treatment products, and assistance with any in-country regulatory requirements.

Vaccines, Diagnostic tools and Biosimilar treatment products distributions with adequate quality control and assurance systems.

Partner with established manufacturers to procure vaccine for host countries of which some of the profit will be reinvested to build vaccine fill-and-finish facilities in the country.

Biosimilar Strategy


There are numerous biosimilars that have been successfully developed by international manufacturers and approved by their local FDA. PDTi will select some of these biosimilar products that have the high market ratings validated by their consumer’s records of safety, efficacy, and cost.


PDTi enters corporate partnerships with the manufacturers of these selected biosimilar products to produce the GMP grade drug substances that will be exported by its wholly-owned subsidiary to the US with its new quality control standards in compliance with the US FDA.


Construction of a state-of-the-art fill and finish manufacturing facility for biosimilars in the United States that will apply for US FDA approval through new clinical trials conducted in US. PDTi’s new US manufacturing facility will be able to produce drugs in significantly less time and at dramatically lower cost.


Distribution of the approved biosimilars will target a mix of state and federal government agencies as well as large healthcare providers. PDTi has already identified partners in government affairs and payers to streamline our model.

The Redfield Model

1. In-country distribution assistance

Our regional “field marshals” with their decades of in-country operational experience, will create and manage a country specific strategy to address “the last mile” of vaccine distribution and uptake working with locally assembled country teams.

2. In-process quality control & assurance

Provides In-process quality control and assurance that incorporates testing at four junctures. Can test a country’s current vaccine stockpile to establish the quality.

1) Purchased vaccine arrival at country port of entry

2) Arrival at local distribution center

3) Departure from local distribution center

4) Post vaccination sample

3. Post-vaccination services

PDTi will provide metrics and evaluation for vaccines. Our services include a multi-platform immunity test that will gauge an individual’s immunity and determine if they require a booster.

4. Education and Training

Education and training of local health administrators and populations addressing vaccine hesitancy, the length of immunity that the vaccines produce, and the need for a vaccine strategy focusing on immunity.