Dr. Redfield on Fox News: China’s failed ‘zero-COVID’ policy proves lockdowns don’t work

Source: Fox News
April 11, 2022


Former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield cited “huge” COVID-19 outbreaks in Hong Kong and Shanghai Monday as evidence that mandates and restrictive policies “just don’t work.” On “America’s Newsroom,” Redfield argued lockdowns cause more harm than good and questioned the accuracy of recently reported COVID-19 data from China.

DR. ROBERT REDFIELD: I think we know that lockdowns just don’t work. And hopefully that we’ve learned that lesson for our own nation. They cause more harm at the end of the day than they do public health benefit. I think you’ve seen now that China’s zero tolerance for COVID didn’t seem to work with their huge outbreaks in Hong Kong and now Shanghai. So I think, and related to deaths and infection, I just think it’s very difficult to know what accurate reporting we’re seeing.

Much of the deaths from COVID can easily be misclassified as deaths from a comorbidity. And different countries approach it differently. I don’t think there’s a huge difference in the morbidity and mortality of COVID in Shanghai, say, than there is in New York City, other than maybe the underlying degree of comorbidities. So I think it’s highly underreported what’s really happening.